Ladies Ski Club Training Week

This past week I have been working on the Saas Fee glacier (Switzerland) with my good friend and Target Ski Training colleague Amanda Pirie.  For 5 years now we have been running this race training course in the Autumn, specifically designed for the Ladies Ski Club race team.  This year we had 9 female trainees out skiing slalom and giant slalom for 5 days in really good conditions. The snow was hard and the weather was particularly good for this time of year.  This meant that we could train a big variety of slopes and terrain.


This group of women are becoming really tough, throwing themselves down race courses at full speed.  Their determination to take on their feedback and improve upon it is inspiring.  One of the ladies started ski racing at 64 – it just goes to show that it’s never too late to start.  The gates provide a tactical insight to skiing that some of them have never considered before.  By working on their turn shape, racing line and speed of movements to ski through the courses, technical changes have been happening as well.   It was even quoted at the end of the week by one of them, that the gates now feel the safest place to ski!

I loved my week working with Amanda particularly as we don’t often get the opportunity to run many of our Target courses now due to other work commitments.  We both love to demonstrate racing the courses for our trainees, we target the same development points in them and its always great fun to ski together.  5 days of giggles went by so quickly!  Back in France for the weekend!


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