Winter is in full swing

We have both had a busy start to the winter out in Val d’Isere. Somehow we have reached the end of January and two months have flown by with no blog posts!  Take this as a good thing, it means we are busy, which is much better than being quiet with lots of spare time.  In fact, I am only getting to write this blog today because my filmshoot has been called off due to the bad weather we are experiencing in the Tarentaise valley!  It’s very nice to receive a top up of snow and the snowline is sitting just about Val village level today.  Hopefully it’ll put down some fresh snow for us all and soften up the pistes.

So what’s been happening?  I am going to let some pictures do the talking. Lots of different lessons in different environments, staff training, family visits, BASI courses, and trips to Italy for lunch…..


This year we treated ourselves to Christmas Day off and had some of our family out for the week.  Was great to explore the Les Arcs ski area on Christmas Day which is still quite a new resort for us.  Boxing Day saw us skiing to Italy for lunch from La Rosiere.  It’s great to take advantage of our new base down in Bourg Saint-Maurice and ski some of the other resorts of the Tarentaise valley.


Relaxing in La Rosiere with great clients, drinks and the sunset after a big day out to La Thuile, Italy.  In January, I took the lovely Cobb family over the Passo San Bernardo to Italy.  The Pepita cafe in La Thuile does an amazing 3 course skiers lunch for a reasonable price with a free shuttle to and from the ski slopes.


January saw me running another BASI coaching course for the guys at ICE – International Centre of Excellence. It was a great week watching the students set up and ski their own training environments and learning the many roles of a race coach.

Dougie is running a BASI Instructor course for ICE next week.  Check out this article written about him as he is the first original ICE student to return as a BASI trainer delivering the very courses he was once on with them!



Dougie and I got a few free afternoons last week to do some training together.  The conditions were gorgeous on piste and this is where we focused our training.  It’s really important to continue to pay attention to our skiing, especially the top end of our game. It doesn’t take much for old habits to creep back in.  I am very grateful that Dougie agreed to be cameraman and coach for me for the afternoon so that I could tweak my turns before my BASI filmshoot this week. Cheers Doug!




We had more family out for a long weekend and we had a great time teaching them to ski – we only had 2 days to ski, it was enough time to give them the skiing bug and they are already looking forward to their next trip.


While we have been spending a lot of time running lessons on the nursery slope recently, we are still getting the opportunity to venture off into the backcountry.  This weekend saw me guiding some clients to places they didn’t believe could be skied.  Although the snow is limited, adventures can still be had.  We even found some powder!

For the full range of private sessions and adventures available with us, please drop us a line at ski@valdskiinstructors.com

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